We invite anyone who writes prose to consider reading on "The Storytellers."

It's easy to get started. Take a look here for helpful information about the sort of material we are looking for. Then send us an e-mail. That's all there is to it.

Special Instructions for Recording Outside the Studio

In this time of COVID, we are not able to go into the studio to broadcast live. But you can still read your story by sending us a recording made on your cell phone or computer. Here are some things you should know:

  • The microphone on most cell phones is on the bottom edge. Read your story directly into the microphone, making sure it is about a foot away from your mouth.
  • You can make a recording on your laptop or desktop if you prefer.
  • Record in a quiet location. Typically a room with the door closed is fine. Avoid recordings that have interruptions like ringing cell phones or noise from housemates and pets. Do not record outside or near a source of blowing air, like a fan or heating/air conditioning register. The wind will easily overload the microphone, spoiling your recording.
  • Don't stress if your recording isn't perfect. If you were in the studio reading live you would probably make a mistake or two. If you are really not satisfied, simply re-record your introduction and your piece.
  • Your recording will consist of two parts: 1) A brief (30-45 second) introduction featuring your name, the title of your piece and anything else about you or your work we should know and 2) your story. Do not make two separate recordings. Record both parts as a single "take." It's perfectly acceptable to plug your website or book if you wish.
  • Do not mix musical introductions, background music or sound effects with your reading.
  • When you have recorded your story and are happy with it, e-mail the audio file to californiastorytellers@gmail.com.
  • If you are having difficulty with your recording or any of these instructions, drop us an e-mail to californiastorytellers@gmail.com and we'll be glad to help.
  • You can record your story using iOS or android devices.

Depending upon your operating system, instructions differ slightly. The link below takes you to a page with a drop down menu in the upper left corner. Select your operating system from the drop down box and you will be given complete instructions for making a great recording.

Some Android devices have built-in voice memo capability, like the iPhone. If yours does not, you can download a voice memo app from Google Play.